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Terms and Conditions

This agreement covers the terms and conditions related to purchasing any products and services with www.buyfansandfollowers.net. Please make sure you read and understand all conditions before making any purchase with us.

We guarantee that you will receive the number of fans or followers you ordered. However, we cannot make any guarantees or warranties in terms of time it takes to deliver your order in full. Delivery times are only estimates and published as a guide, and are not guaranteed due to a variety of factors that may affect the timeliness of delivery.

While they may be issued, www.buyfansandfollowers.net will not offer refunds except under special circumstances. We will refund you the amount equal to 100% of the purchase price of an order that did not attain the amount of likes, fans, followers or other items specifically ordered. We reserve the right to determine the time frame of when a campaign should have been completed. Orders are considered final and non-cancelable 4 hours after the order is placed. Services, including the delivery of Fans, Likes, Followers, Views and related items, are non-returnable. We advise that you read our Terms and Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy fully before placing your order. If you believe you may be entitled to a refund, or would like some more information about refunds, please contact us through this website.

As a result of using our service, you agree that any terminations of your third-party accounts, although unlikely, as a result of using buyfansandfollwers.net services are at your own risk and in no way the responsibility of buyfriendsandfollowers.net or any of its affiliated parties or organization. In essence, we are not responsible for any account terminations of any accounts due to the use of our services and you are responsible for whatever risk that comes from using our services. Our processes, however, have a long history of being safe for account status. After the product has been delivered to you, it is possible, that fans or followers will decline. Because if the nature of the products, since we have no control over it after delivery, we can not be held responsible for declines after delivery, and we will not be able to offer refunds for this reason, nor do we guarantee to replenish orders in the event of declines. We do take care to make sure that upon initial delivery that the products are in place.

All prices stated on the www.buyfansandfollowers.net pricing tables are in United States Dollars (USD) and will be charged in this currency regardless of your location, situation or current foreign exchange rates. If you are unsure of exchange rates, we recommend you locate relevant information before placing any order through our site. Our payment processor will provide you with such information.





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By using this Web site to obtain information or to shop at our online store, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.
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