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Why Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a mobile device oriented social media site. It is the most popular on-line photo sharing site with over 40 million photos uploaded every day! Owned by Facebook since 2010 (acquired for $1 billion despite being only 24 months old at the time) Instagram enables people to share their activities and events real time - it is like a truly see-me-here-now thing unlike Facebook where you have to wait to get to a computer to update your activities for the day. Here's a good overview of Instagram. It is a highly mobile centric social media site - you can't even see someone's followers unless you seek them out on their Instagram Page via mobile device! Instagram is highly popular with the teen set and 17% of today's teens say Instagram in the most important social networking site - which is up from 12% less than two years ago. It's utility as an immediate photo chronical of events is evidenced by this piece from • Time magazine.

Instagram Followers are a way of showing the popularity of one's Instagram page and enables one to broadcast to more and more people - in this way it is similar to Twitter Followers. Of course, it is well understood, human nature being what it is, that popularity begets even more Followers and makes one even more popular - like a snowball. To be competitve in this social network which boasts over 100 million users you need to stand out and you do this on Instagram by having a lot of followers. It can be difficult and time consuming to develop your Instagram Followers organically so it helps to get Instragram service providers to help. The fastest and easiest way to do this is to buy followers which will grow your social followers and inspire others to join your Page as well.

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This is where can help. Our packages enable you to buy Instagram Followers cheap. We are a U.S.A based company that specializes in improving our customer's social following and we can help you grow your social followers. We deliver real followers quickly and safely to your page. With real followers they might engage in your Page and like your photos. Indeed you can also buy Instagram Likes from us to further your popularity. They also won't disappear quickly or draw the ire of Instagram unlike manufactured followers. We have delivered hundreds of thousands of Instagram Followers to hundreds of satisfied customers. Which is why it makes sense to Buy followers on Instagram!

Instagram just made an new product announcement - video! This app. allows videos of 15 seconds duration to be part of your Instagram Page. Another way to share and another reason to buy followers on Instagram! This video does a nice job of explaining the new app. and its functions:

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