Increase Twitter Followers – An Academic Point-of-View

Every Twitter Account owner is always asking the same question – indeed it is like a communal cry, “How do I get more followers on my account?”

This is particularly salient for companies large and small as well as news outlets and community groups. To them, having a prominent presence on social networks is a primary goal of their marketing departments or owners. However, given the vagaries of social media, this is not as easily done as said.

Well, bring in the academics! At the the Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Computing a study was undertaken to examine nearly 1,000 Twitter users for over a year and deciphered impactful factors as it relates to the users increase in Twitter Followers.

Grow Twitter Followers

The best approach? Don’t just talk about your own business, group or self.

Tweets we broken down into two types – self discussing and information based. And? It is the information laced tweets that appealed to the audience best and helped to increase interest in the sending Twitter Account.

Another important factor as discovered by the researchers was attitude. A positive tone has a much greater affirmative reaction from tweet receivers than those that are negative in nature. Indeed, it is the positive tweets that inspired the greatest number of retweets and overall engagement with the Twitter account.

As for hashtags, the fewer the better. Although users reacted well with some hashtags used in a tweet, multiple hashtags in one tweet was a serious turn-off for the audience and were found to be retweeted less, which of course is a serious drawback for the sender, as retweets are part of the great marketing power of Twitter.

Finally, don’t dumb down your tweets. Better written messages had a much more positive approach and tended to engender more followers than overly simplistic tweets with lower grade level equivalent ratings.

Bottom line is to be smart with your Tweets. Be positive, be smart, and convey information to your audience. That will help create additional followers. Of course this is a time consuming and time taking process. A faster method to get Twitter followers is to buy twitter followers that are real and will help you expand your follower base and become potential retweeters as well.