Facebook’s Future? Oh no!

Did you know that Facebook is like a disease? Well, evidently some scholars at Princeton University decided that indeed that is exactly what Facebook is. Accordingly, they undertook the process of examining Facebook using principles from epidemiology (essentially the study of infectious diseases) and came away with some surprising results.

Facebook is doomed. Yes, sorry Facebook Fans, but according to the study by two academics, Facebook will explode amongst the populace and then rapidly wane – just like a viral infectious disease! And that’s not all. According to the report released by Princeton University Facebook has already reached its zenith in terms of usage and popularity and will follow a similar path to that of MySpace – that’s right, obscurity!

MySpace Death Spiral

In the study, the researchers estimate that Facebook will lose over 75% of its users from it’s peak sometime between 2015 and 2017. This follows patterns found in the progression (and regression we assume) of infectious diseases in worldwide epidemics (and talk about a global epidemic – that’s Facebook!)as well documented in medical and other academic and scholarly research.

Now we don’t know if Facebook will behave like an epidemic (um, most companies don’t, which is why it is interesting that the report focused on Facebook and not say, General Motors or Nabisco) but perhaps Mark Zuckerberg should hedge some of the billions. Afterall it is true that there is a decline in active Facebook users, with teens being the biggest demographic behind the drop. But we’re still talking about the whole world, and Facebook usage is still growing in many parts of the world.

OMG, are Twitter Followers next to catch the disease? We don’t know, but anxiously await the obvious follow-up study.