Changes to Facebook Likes Button

Today Facebook announced changes to its ubiquitous Likes button. Originally introduced in 2010 as Likes replaced the concept of Fans (the end result was still the same, but Likes was considered more marketable – and the evidence suggests that Facebook got that one dead right on)the current Facebook like button is estimated to be on over 7.5 million websites! It is estimated that this button is viewed more than 22 million times a day (if only there was a way to monetize that). Although commonplace today, in a few years it will be old. Here it is…

old get Facebook Likes button

The new button will no longer have the omnipresent thumbs up although it will appear on the dialogue box above the button that shows the number of likes. The new button uses the “F” logo and is white on blue as compared with the opposite on its usual “F” logo. Here it is…

New increase Facebook Likes button

Facebook also changed its “send” button to a share button. Here is Facebook’s announcement of the change. Interesting that the change was announced that Twitter floated its IPO (an offering that proved to be far more successful than the poor initial public offering of Facebook about a year ago).

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